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"TV CLOWN: the True Story of Flippo, King of Clowns"is my valentine to this special human being.   Although I was his producer and manager for the last 12 years of his life, his friendship meant the most to me.   He was the happiest person whom I have ever known. He whistled all the time and of course he loved to joke and have fun in everything he did.

And to make The Clown laugh was the highest achievement. His was a booming belly laugh (and he had a booming belly) that was contagious. Plus you had just made Mr. Comedy roar and he had seen or heard or said it all. I hope that my film conveys all the joy that Bob Marvin gave all those years to so many people.

I hired a great narrator to tell the story: Bob himself. He'd sit in his living room in front of his favorite Flippo painting with a big mug of coffee and tell his yarns until he ran out of energy. We did this over several weeks. Bob got to see much of the finished segments and gave me great input.

January 5, 2006 was the day that the Ohio Historical Society honored him with Flippo Appreciation Night. Bob always said that he'd be institutionalized and that night the OHS stood for the Ohio Hysterical Society. He was happy to have his patriotic suit enshrined knowing that he would be remembered.

Buckeyes everywhere should be proud to have the OHS to preserve our special history in that wonderful building. I know it meant the world to Bob. It was the final crowning glory for an old, funny king.

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