s The Ohio Historical Center hosts "To Flippo with Love:
A Night to Remember the King "

Documentary highlights 32-year career of TV Clown
COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 11, 2007 –The Ohio Historical Center will host To Flippo with Love: A Night to Remember the King Jan. 6 from 6-9 p.m. Be the first to see Frank Cromer's documentary honoring central Ohio's own Flippo the Clown.

The video, TV Clown: The True Story of Flippo, King of Clowns, features funny and poignant moments in the 32-year career of Bob Marvin, better known as Flippo the Clown. Also hear some loving tributes delivered by friends and co-workers of the loveable clown who brought laughter to several generations of young people in central Ohio.

Marvin's Flippo became famous in central Ohio through his appearances on "The Early Show" on WBNS-10TV and on the first-ever interactive cable network QUBE, now Time Warner Cable. Marvin played the role from 1953 until 1983. He was discovered in 1951 playing jazz at Columbus's Neil House by WBNS executives. He auditioned and went on "Homemaker's HobNob" as a song-and-dance funny man to begin his long TV career.

Two years ago, prior to his death at age 79, Marvin donated memorabilia to the Ohio Historical Society, including his red, white and blue clown costume. Flippo’s pom-pommed suit and oversized shoes will be on display at the Ohio Historical Center for the premiere.

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After the show:

It's January 7, 2008 and "To Flippo with Love: A Night to Remember the King" is over at the Ohio Historical Center and I am exhausted.  I thank all of you who came out to celebrate his life with me.  I thank my special guest speakers: Tim Feran of the Columbus Dispatch, author Ken Keller ("Monkey on a Turntable: Living on Love & Leftovers in Local Radio"), and the great trumpeter Arnett Howard.  I thank the kind people of the Ohio Historical Society: Kim, Susan, Tim and Dr. Bill Laidlaw.  The Director Dr. Laidlaw threw the "Flippo Appreciation Night" on January 5th, 2006 which turned out to be Bob's last public performance.  (When I was driving Bob home from that fun night, he said "That's it, Frankie, no more.")

I want to thank my videotaped guests Producer John Markus and national speaker/songwriter Eric Gnezda.  As always, I had the evening taped and it will probably be a special feature on "TV CLOWN: the True Story of Flippo, King of Clowns" the film we showed for the first time last night.  This whole experience has been overwhelming and joyous and so fulfilling.  And all because I visited an old clown at his house in Worthington and wondered aloud "What's it like to be a TV clown for so long?"     I hope you enjoy these pages, rediscover your youth or if you are younger and never saw Flippo, see him now and know how one life was spent in make-up and pom-poms.  Bob Marvin lived a rich, long life and this website honors his many years as a local legend and if my film gets picked up, maybe a national one.  He'll always fill our hearts as our TV pal.

Frank Cromer

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