"FLIPPO APPRECIATION NIGHT" was held the night before Bob's 79th birthday
at the Ohio Historical Society to celebrate The King's enshrinement as a TV pioneer.
(He began on television in 1951 on "Homemaker's HobNob.)

(photo by Tim Lister)
The honored speakers: Fritz "Nite Owl" Peerenboom, Chuck White, Eric Gnezda.

Fritz "Nite Owl" Peerenboom speaks of his knowing The King since 1954

when he signed on as floor crew.

(photo by Tim Lister)

                 Bob fields some questions from the crowd. 

                                                                       (photo by Tim Lister)  

With Flippo hat reversed, Bob becomes Russian clown.
(photo by Tim Lister)


The Clown's last standing ovation.  He loved his fans.
(photo by Tim Lister)

(photo by Tim Lister)

                            Fritz congratulates Bob warmly during the reception.   (photo by Tim Lister)


Ohio Historical Society Director Dr. Bill Laidlaw presents the Flippo birthday cake to Bob.

                                    (photo by Rob Rowland)

(photo by Rob Rowland)
                                          The special cake

.. FC and OHS Director Dr. Laidlaw  (photo by Rob Rowland)

Rob Rowland and Fritz the Nite Owl                                                                 

                 (photo by Frank Cromer)


Flippo's Ex-Qube producer Jeff Milgrom


(photo by Rob Rowland)

  Bob Marvin and fan Tim Lister

The Flippo Exhibit and proud historical figure...

Get a better look...

(My research for the Flippo documentary has found that Flippo first went on the air with the
"Tip Top Bandwagon" show on December 10, 1953 at 5:15 PM.  It moved to Saturdays later.
I've let the OHS know.)

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